Automotive Repair


What We Offer:

Aj’s Garage offers a wide variety of mechanical work that will keep your vehicle running smoothly. We specialize in body work, standard vehicle maintenance, and engine repair as well.

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Body Work                                                                             

Pinstriping, collision work, body wor
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Oil Change, trans service, tune-ups
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Mechanical Work

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•engine diagnostics     •alternators    •brakes    •abs

•master cylinders    •engines    •transmissions    •axels

•differentials       •wheel baring    •rack and pinion

•belts    •electrical    •cooling fans    •air conditioning

•water pumps    •radiators    •catalytic

•gaskets (thermostat, trans, head gaskets etc.)  

•timing chain    •starters    •batteries    •tune-ups

•heater core    •blower motors    •evaporation cores

•stearing gear    •tie rods    •ball joints    •stabilizer bar and bushing

•shocks    •struts    •upper lower control arms    •hub barring

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